10 May 2017


10 May 2017

Media Corporate Brand joins the AEVEA family.

AEVEA is a representative group of agencies of integral organization of events, with vocation to work by and for our industry. We have come together because we love our profession and we want the event sector to be recognized for its economic weight, its seriousness and its ability to communicate live in a strategic way.

At the moment we are 48 agencies, but we want to be many more and to be present in all the Spanish geography.


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Historically, the sector of events in Spain has lacked an association that represents it legally and institutionally. In contrast to most professional guilds, which have at least one that protects the interests of all.

As a consequence of the above, from different forums we have felt and perceived the need to establish it and begin to act to solve the problems that are presented daily in our sector.

For this reason, in February 2015, we created, in February 2015, an association of Spanish event agencies that protects our legal, financial and creative rights, promoting the Creativity and ensure that the work developed with a specific regulatory framework is respected.

We want AEVEA to represent the entire sector and for that reason we are contacting all the event agencies in Spain. So that it is an association that enjoys the consensus of all and assumes the challenge and the responsibility to promote and lead this common project in our sector, transferring the image of the same to the Spanish society.

We believe that valuing our activity together will achieve greater respect for the sector and our work.

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