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Sublimotion: Gastronomy and Video Mapping

The restaurant Sublimotion started it’s new season


The restaurant Sublimotion Ibiza, located in the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, opened it’s doors again for its third season.
Considered as a “gastroshow”, the chef Paco Roncero will surprise us again this year with a unique sensorial experience in which art, music, gatronomy and technology merge together in each plate.

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Connected Colors: Real Time Face Tracking

A new form of art thanks to Real Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping


Connected Colors is an experimental art project of facial projection by Japanese artist and scientist Nobumichi Asai. It turns the human face into a canvas of the imagination. The curves and features of the face become an irresistible landscape for animated, kaleidoscopic images.

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Mixed Reality: the futur of augmented reality?

Magic Leap: the company at the origins of this revolution


Magic Leap is an american company based in Florida that develops virtual reality contents and glasses. They are specially working on mixed reality. A mix of the best of augmented and virtual reality with the real world in which we are living. This allows the user to experiment an effortless transition when it comes to use or stop using the device.

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Arachnophobia and Virtual Reality

Fight your phobia thanks to Virtual Reality


Arachnophobia is a VR application within the field of health and psychology, a – not too serious – self-controlled implementation of a virtual reality exposure therapy session, where you gradually expose yourself to spiders.

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Projection Mapping in the Euro 2016

D3 Technique of Projection Mapping used in a commercial for the French national team.

An effects-intensive broadcast promo ramped up interest in the French national team with support from d3 Technologies. Paris-based Stello Productions (first d3 reseller for France) provided a d3 2×2plus media servers to director Patrick Delobelle, who worked with graphics and motion design company, Naked, on the promo.

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Vivid Sydney Festival 2016

An amazing festival of light, music and ideas

The Vivid Sydney Festival is a great show of ligths and colors which takes place every year since 2009 in the australian capital. With its immersive installations and projections this is the biggest light, sound and ideas festival int the world.

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VideoMapping used in a theater play

The Moscow Musical Theater used d3 technique of VideoMapping for a Dostoevsky’s play.


Dostoevsky’s classic novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ recently made its debut as a rock opera at the Moscow Musical Theatre with innovative staging by renowned director Andrei Konchalovsky. In another first for Russia, technical partner Polymedia integrated CAST BlackTrax time motion tracking system with a d3 media server. Together they accomplish 6D V

ideoMapping on the show’s scenic elements.

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InmersArte: when virtual reality meets culture

An immersion into Dali’s paintings


Imagine if you could contemplate Dali’s soft watches from all the perspectives?

Now it’s posible thanks to InmersArte project. It consists in a cultural experience of virtual reality that use Oculus technology to introduce the users into paitings of Dali or Bosch.

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Time travel thanks to virtual reality

New videogame of virtual reality


Minority Media announced the launch of Time Machine VR, a game of virtual reality wich will let us travel back in time and visit the past thanks to a time machine. This new game is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR in PS4.

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