Event tents rental and Ephemeral Spaces

Tents rental and ephemeral Structures

We put at your disposal a great variety of tents and ephemeral structures for events, tents, geodesic domes, inflatable tents, Layher systems, stages and any structure in which to celebrate your event.


Audiovisual Equipment

Audiovisual Equipment

We put at your disposal the latest technological advances in lighting, sound and video.

Latest generation fixtures, video projectors, immersive media servers, Virtual Reality systems and any element that technology provides to the service of events such as touch screens, interactive tables, holograms, etc …


Finding venues for events

Finding venues for events

The good choice of a venue to hold an event is as important as the event itself, at MCB we take care of finding the perfect venue for your event, regardless of the city where you are going to celebrate the event. We take care of the integral management of your event in any country, from search of local suppliers to unique venues in which celebrate your event.


Media Corporate Brand

Events Management

Events management in Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America

Event Ideas and 3D Concepts

Event Ideas Development and 3D Concepts

We shape the client’s briefings, converting a concept into a real event. We also develop singulars own events with which to surprise our clients, contributing with our previous experience, making a 3D concept and making an economic study of the costs of it.


Products launch and promotions

Products activations and products promotions

There is only one way for customers to feel loyal to a brand and a product, through a launch and promotions that surprises them and makes them participate.

We carry out  products promotions and activations different and attractive  for consumers.


event partner

We are your event management partner.

If you are organizing an event in Spain or any other European country, MCB is your strategic partner, your local partner.
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Audiovisual Contents

Audiovisual Contents

We develop  2D, 3D and immersive 3D multimedia content, all to achieve a unique experience in every events we do.

Video content for events, Virtual Reality content, Video mapping content, Corporate videos, Immersive content, …