01 Jul 2016

Connected Colors: Real Time Face Tracking

01 Jul 2016

A new form of art thanks to Real Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping


Connected Colors is an experimental art project of facial projection by Japanese artist and scientist Nobumichi Asai. It turns the human face into a canvas of the imagination. The curves and features of the face become an irresistible landscape for animated, kaleidoscopic images.


Asai and his team from WOW worked with Intel to demonstrate how Asai’s artistry, combined with a lot of computer processing power, could push the limits of facial projection.
By tracking the exact contours of a model’s nose, mouth, eye sockets, chin and face shape, Asai and his team use the model’s face as a canvas for what is essentially very intricate animated make-up.


By knowing the mathematical contours of the face, Asai can map his digital animations so they fit perfection onto facial features. A face can become a tribal mask, a waterfall of tears, a collage of stone — any kind of programmable digital skin.
“The most interesting thing about technology is that it makes the impossible, possible,” said Asai. “When I start creating, I first feel something that excites me.”

The result is an astonishing masterpiece of computer graphics and art, full of colors and poetry.


Source: Nobumichiasai

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