23 Jun 2016

Vivid Sydney Festival 2016

23 Jun 2016

An amazing festival of light, music and ideas

The Vivid Sydney Festival is a great show of ligths and colors which takes place every year since 2009 in the australian capital. With its immersive installations and projections this is the biggest light, sound and ideas festival int the world.

This year, 90 installations have lighted up the city for 23 nights. More than 150 artists from 23 countries have created the lights installations and projections all over Sydney. Vivid Sydney is also 195 events of Vivid Music and more than 500 speakers in conferences and forums in Vivid Idea.

Vivid Sydney 2016, opening night, Clr Quay, Harbour Lights. 27/5/2016 Photo credit - James Horan/Destination NSW

Vivid Sydney 2016 – James Horan/Destination NSW

With big 3D projections in the facades of the Contemporary Art Museum, the Customs House and the famous Opera House, Vivid Sydney shows the city as an example for creative industries as the first technologies and designs of the world has been used to create this wonderful lights show.

In Vivid Sydney everything impress: the installations, the dimensions, the creativity, the colors and above all the great beauty of the final result.

Vivid Sydney 2016, opening night, MCA, The Matter of Painting. 27/5/2016 Photo credit - James Horan/Destination NSW

Vivid Sydney 2016 – James Horan/Destination NSW

The most amazing work is without a doubt the Laser Dragon created by Oracle-Liquid. This work introduced a world-first: a water-screen mounted on a 13m robotic arm. Floating high above fifty-six fountains, arranged in snake-like coils, this moving water-screen assumes many forms, from ferocious dragons to the characters of commedia dell’arte.
The Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre includes 4 water screens, 40 vertical water jets of 20 meters, 16 movig water jets of 25 meters, 20 torchlights of 15 meters and 10 powerful lasers.

Vivid Sydney 2016_Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre_CREDIT Destiantion NSW_KM-5698-5889

So you can see how look this wonderful and colored festival, here is a video:


Source: Vivid Festival

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