20 Jun 2016

InmersArte: when virtual reality meets culture

20 Jun 2016

An immersion into Dali’s paintings


Imagine if you could contemplate Dali’s soft watches from all the perspectives?

Now it’s posible thanks to InmersArte project. It consists in a cultural experience of virtual reality that use Oculus technology to introduce the users into paitings of Dali or Bosch.
A new way to experience art wich permits to admire the artwork at 360º and to interact with the objects present on the pieces.
Moreover this game also gives information about the artist’s life, its others paintings and the connexion between them.

This wonderful project is developed by students of the U-tad (University of technology of Madrid) and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

Inmersarte 2

Inmersarte 3

So you can get an overview of how looks this great project, here is a presentation video:

Source: Vandal.net

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