30 Jun 2016

Mixed Reality: the futur of augmented reality?

30 Jun 2016

Magic Leap: the company at the origins of this revolution


Magic Leap is an american company based in Florida that develops virtual reality contents and glasses. They are specially working on mixed reality. A mix of the best of augmented and virtual reality with the real world in which we are living. This allows the user to experiment an effortless transition when it comes to use or stop using the device.


Unlike the Google Cardboard, the Gear of Samsung or the Oculus Rift of Facebook, Magic Leap, places images in a third dimension above the real world. Those images are visibles thanks to some kind of glasses or lenses, which are not preventing from seeing what’s behind. They are similar to the Google Glass or the HoloLens of Microsoft.


Since its creation in 2010, Magic Leap has now raised more than 1.400 millions dolars. From the begining its good functioning was put in doubts because it could have been a video montage, as everything looked so spectacular and had never been seen before. But then Microsoft came with its HoloLens and perceptions changed. What Magic Leap presented was possible. Nevertheless Microsoft’s device was real whereas the misterious company didn’t had anything. Until now.
The first product of Magic Leap for the customer is expected to be launched in 2017. Even if the company didn’t confirmed it.

Recently, Magic Leap made an alliance with Lucasfilm, from the giant entertaining company – Disney, to create a lab of what both companies are calling “the future of mixed reality”, explained senior executives of each company in the WIRED Business Conference of New York.
This “almost secret” lab will be located in Presidio, San Francisco, close to a giant campus that has Lucasfilm. Where some engineers of Lucasfilm and Magic Leap will established their work, along with some narrators of Lucasfilm.What both companies want to do is to bring the Star Wars universe to the real world. As a proof they have presented a video in wich we can see robots R2-D2 and C-3PO in a real room. Both robots are walking in that room as they were truly there, and speak to the person recording.

Can you imagine to see a whole movie in virtual reality? Undeniably very innovative and with a lot of interseting potential.
Here we leave us that Star Wars mixed reality video.

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