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Sphere 360, Dubai is back

Don’t blink, this is Sphere 360.

The ultimate cutting-edge technolohy project adquired by Dubai.

Imagine going shopping in the biggest shopping mall in the world and suddenly find a big white bowl with a mecanic footbridge. Would you go in?

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Mapping Book

Do you remember ther fold-up books we used to read when we were kids? They are back in a new and improved version. The magic of reading and theater are joined to involve the lector in a Mapping Book.

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Oculus Rift is Shipping

The new version of the Oculus


OCULUS VR  has finally presented the last version of its virtual reality glasses which are gonna reach the market soon and will revolutionize the entertainment industry. The expected VR glasses are finally a reality.

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Mapping in pools: The Sheraton Hotel

We are back with a new idea of mapping in different surfaces. This time the mapping will take place in pools and that idea came from the United States.
If the main goal is to impact people, mapping in pools will succeed it.

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Napz, to sleep deeply

Napz. Octavio Martínez García is the reason why we all want this toy at home. Did you ever had a dream that you wanted to repeat? Can you imagine to have the same dream every night? And even better, can you imagine to choose which dream you’re gonna have?

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