01 Jul 2016

History Comes Alive thanks to RealSense technology

01 Jul 2016

Being a part of China’s history


History Comes Alive is a project of JWT creative agency and MediaMonks using Intel RealSense cameras. It brings art and technology together in an experiential event that connects people in China to their remarkable history.


To feature ordinary people in an extraordinary way, JWT Beijing and MediaMonks produced four original films and an installation to make it personal. The campaign demonstrates Intel’s RealSense technology by producing realistic 3D models of people’s facial features. By scanning their face, participants are featured in a series of fully-animated stories in which their faces are mapped onto historical characters. The project was first brought to life on the ancient walls of the former capital Xi’an and now lives in live events around China.


“Intel RealSense technology is very unique because it mimics a human being’s two eyes,” said Zhenyu Tang, director of RealSense China. RealSense brings depth perception, gesture control and other capabilities to PCs, laptops and tablets. “It has two cameras so you can get exactly the 3D information into a 3D world.”


The teams worked with historians and social experts to make sure every detail depicted in the films accurately reflected history. They studied everything from clothing and hairstyles to weapons and the physical details of the palaces.

Started in April, more events will take place throughout the year in cities including Beijing, Nan Jing, Hang Zhou, Cheng Du, Da Li and Guang Zhou, as well as on university campuses and in retail centers around the country.

Source: MediaMonks

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