25 Apr 2016

Mapping Book

25 Apr 2016

Do you remember ther fold-up books we used to read when we were kids? They are back in a new and improved version. The magic of reading and theater are joined to involve the lector in a Mapping Book.

¿The guilties? Shakespeare and Macbeth, and Davy & Kristy McGuire projects.

This project consists in a book wich looks aparently normal, but when the lector opens it he discovers that it’s a fold-up book with a mirror and a projector with a battery. Magic beggins.


The Mapping Book tell the story in the format of a book but it’s projected like a movie.

Obiously, The Mapping Book can’t replace traditional books, but it can be a different way to appreciate classics of literature. Create pleasure for reading thanks to the bests arguments.

In the web of Davy & Kristy McGuire projects, there are a lot of theater plays brought to life, projected in little stages of paper, full of ilusion and desire to reach the public.

by: vimeo

For those who are looking for different kind of entertainment, this can be a great experience!

Source: projection mapping central


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