29 Nov 2014

Mapping in pools: The Sheraton Hotel

29 Nov 2014

We are back with a new idea of mapping in different surfaces. This time the mapping will take place in pools and that idea came from the United States.
If the main goal is to impact people, mapping in pools will succeed it.

This idea comes from the factory Point Cloud Media and has been showed in the Sheraton Hotel in Hawaii. The name of that project? Raylight4D.

by: Point Cloud Media

by: Point Cloud Media mapping en piscinas

The mapping result is amazing: sirens, sharks and giant anemones! Wonderful aquatic figures crossing the water in which what was a pool before.  Suddenly appears 2 people with fins and oxygen bottles diving and discovering the sea fauna. But the best is about to come: a man swiming and breaking the floor, falling in abysses.

One of the biggest advantages of pool mapping is that the water projects better the light. Consequently less projectors are needed and therefore the cost of the project is lower.


See for yourself the result:



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