20 Jun 2014

Mapping in pies: Disney’s magic

20 Jun 2014

A wedding like in fairy tales? Almost. At least you already have the pie.

This article of MCB Blog is dedicated to the magis of your childhood, but as always with the MCB touch: mapping. This time about mappig in pies.

As we said before the project is hold by Disney and has been seen in a wedding exhibition.

The project is as simple as making a mapping in a pie. In that case, some of the Disney’s movies are projected like Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Swan Princess…

The pie has a form of a pyramid, with the mythical castle on top, movies are projected in the different levels of the pie, giving it life. To end on a high note the legenday sentence “And they lived happily ever after” is drawn ont the pie.


To live the magic, see the video:

Mapping en tartas by: youtube

Fuente: Projection Freak



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