26 Mar 2016

Oculus Rift is Shipping

26 Mar 2016

The new version of the Oculus


OCULUS VR  has finally presented the last version of its virtual reality glasses which are gonna reach the market soon and will revolutionize the entertainment industry. The expected VR glasses are finally a reality.

The announcement was made by the executive director of the company, Brendan Iribe, in a conference pre E3.
The most surprising fact is that the Rift will work along with the game console of Microsoft, Xbox One.
That way Microsoft will be competitive in front of the Sony’s project, Morpheus, not because they have their own display of virtual reality but because they are giving support to the best one.



Generally, The Oculus Rift will support not just to the control remote of the Xbox One but the player will also be able to do a streaming of the games thanks to Windows 10.
Of course, the Rift will have native support to the new operative system of Microsoft.

For now, Oculus didn’t reveal all the technical characteristics nor the price of the display, but we know it has 2 OLED screens (one for each eye) which will give the user a realistic experience without distortion of the image or pixelized pictures. “It feels like you have normal glasses on”, they ensure.

The Oculus Rift will also have its own interface and a video game store to buy and download demos. We are all wondering when will be the day we’ll get to try EVE: Valkyrie with those glasses.


The Oculus Rift will reach the market during the first trimester of 2016. They will include a controle remote of Xbox One and a motiont sensor.

Moreover, Oculus VR also revealed the existence of the control remote Oculus Touch, designed to improve the virtual reality experience when using the viewer Rift. It will be like an extension of the player’s hands and it will feel more natural than using the control remote of the Xbox One.



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