Take a selfie with Lay´s in Madrid

On the occasion of one of the key UEFA Champions League matches, Lay’s invited football fans to cheer their favorite teams in style. For the occasion, the well-known brand of snacks was made with one of the big screens of the Plaza de Callao in Madrid to create an animation full of selfies from all over Spain. And is that with four Spanish teams participating in the tournament, there are no excuses not to encourage them

Since its launch last September 12 and throughout all the Champions League games, more than 17,000 fans across Europe have been sharing their excitement and support by becoming selfish with the new Lay’s limited edition “Anima to Win” bags. Thus, Lay’s made a giant animation that showed the emblematic trophy of the UEFA Champions League, formed by a mosaic with all the selfies of “Anima to win”.

When an amateur became a selfie, it appeared on the screen to illuminate the central plaza. Thus, hundreds of fans gathered yesterday in the central Madrid square to see their image reflected on the screen and show their support for football over the top as they enjoyed one of their favorite snacks.

17,216 people sent their selfies to Lay’s to participate in the “Anima to win” campaign. Lay’s limited edition “Anima para ganar” package is priced at € 1.29 / bag. Lay’s is the official UEFA Champions League snack