Coca Cola Music Experience by Carlos Jean

Coca-Cola Music Experience by Carlos Jean es un proyecto en el que tú eres el protagonista, es la respuesta de una generación. Coca-Cola y Carlos Jean se unen para trabajar con la música como vehículo de expresión que nos ayude a compartir y contagiar el lado bueno que llevamos dentro. Buscamos compartir el proyecto con personas inconformistas, soñadoras, solidarias, comprometidas, colaboradoras y que compartan cada instante de sus vidas, especialmente a través de la música.

Sin duda, juntos podemos hacer más y mejores cosas. Por ello, en Coca-Cola Music Experience by Carlos Jean, además de poder subir tus aportaciones musicales, podrás también formar parte de todo lo que hay detrás de la música: videoclips, diseños, fotografías, logotipos, etc. Podrás aportar todo lo que eres capaz de crear desde casa o en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar desde cualquier dispositivo. Buscamos a los mejores creadores, a los mejores diseñadores, a gente que tenga algo que decir.

Se trata de un proyecto abierto a la participación de la gente deseosa de aportar aire fresco en la música. Buscamos personas que no quieran ver el futuro tan negro como lo pintan; todos tenemos mucho que decir gracias a las posibilidades que nos brinda Internet como medio de colaboración y participación. Todos podremos disfrutar de las aportaciones subidas por otros usuarios, votándolas, compartiéndolas en nuestras Redes Sociales o comentándolas. Y no sólo eso, también podremos subir nuestros retos relacionados con la música y la solidaridad.

Coca-Cola Music Experience y Carlos Jean, se convierte además es un proyecto generador de experiencias en torno a la música: conciertos, contenidos para Internet y Redes Sociales, radio… Ello unido a una gran gira que recorrerá las principales ciudades de España, ofreciéndote los mejores directos en tu ciudad y experiencias solidarias que te permitan poder llevar a cabo actividades solidarias con tu ciudad, con las personas y lo que de verdad nos importa.

México Tourism Promotion in China 2014

Tourism Promotion Mexico

The “Meet with Mexico” pavilion, housed in a 500 square meter dome, was opened to the Chinese public on October 30, 2014 in Beijing’s central Chaoyang Park.

“It is a window that we open in China to our countries,” Julián Ventura, Mexico’s ambassador to the largest nation in Asia, told China Today after recalling that “last year, Chinese tourism to Mexico increased by 25% . More than 60 thousand Chinese tourists visited our country. “

“All the graph, the information is presented in Chinese, Spanish and English. The Mexico brand is translated into Chinese, the messages are very directed to the different facets we know are of interest to China: culture, gastronomy, commerce, consumer opportunities offered by large Mexican cities, their connectivity with China, Because all this in its entirety presents, in a very forceful way, the interest that Mexico has to approach China, “added Ventura.

Rodolfo López Negrete, general director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico, explained that “in the pavilion you can see 14 different experiences. The only way to make this can travel around the world and that is fun, interactive, is with the highest technology. That’s what we’re doing here. “

“This is a very important initiative that we have designed in Mexico’s Tourism Promotion Council with the objective of achieving three major tasks: increasing Mexico’s visibility in international markets, building greater knowledge about the real Mexico and ensuring that perception Which exists in our country is the correct one, “he added.

Lopez Negrete said that they have great expectations for the interest that the pavilion will arouse the inhabitants of Beijing. “The evidence we have done here with Chinese young people, and remember that we have many volunteers here that we have contracted in China, they have shown us that they are fascinated with what is here. They are in their perfect environment, with very high technology and everything to be able to teach the different experiences to all the visitors “.

Ambassador Ventura highlighted the four visits that the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico has made to China in less than a year as an eloquent example of the high level to which his country is carrying on the relationship with Mexico. “We are struggling in China with our culture, our entrepreneurs, our educational ties, our cultural ties.”

“We are here to stay, we are here to build a long-term relationship with China, a partner and friend, a country with which we have 42 years of diplomatic relations and in which we are opening a new chapter for Mexico and China as well” , Concluded the top Mexican representative in China.

The “Meet with Mexico” pavilion, which opened in Madrid in May of this year and will be in the Chinese capital until November 20, after visiting Dubai and Europe in 2015, will reach other Chinese cities as Shanghai and Guangzhou.



Take a selfie with Lay´s in Madrid

On the occasion of one of the key UEFA Champions League matches, Lay’s invited football fans to cheer their favorite teams in style. For the occasion, the well-known brand of snacks was made with one of the big screens of the Plaza de Callao in Madrid to create an animation full of selfies from all over Spain. And is that with four Spanish teams participating in the tournament, there are no excuses not to encourage them

Since its launch last September 12 and throughout all the Champions League games, more than 17,000 fans across Europe have been sharing their excitement and support by becoming selfish with the new Lay’s limited edition “Anima to Win” bags. Thus, Lay’s made a giant animation that showed the emblematic trophy of the UEFA Champions League, formed by a mosaic with all the selfies of “Anima to win”.

When an amateur became a selfie, it appeared on the screen to illuminate the central plaza. Thus, hundreds of fans gathered yesterday in the central Madrid square to see their image reflected on the screen and show their support for football over the top as they enjoyed one of their favorite snacks.

17,216 people sent their selfies to Lay’s to participate in the “Anima to win” campaign. Lay’s limited edition “Anima para ganar” package is priced at € 1.29 / bag. Lay’s is the official UEFA Champions League snack


ITB Berlin 2014 Opening Ceremony

Tourism Promotion Mexico

The opening ceremony and the first ITB Summit marked the start of the 48th edition of ITB Berlin 2014.

On the eve of ITB Berlin, Mexico, partner country of this year, fascinated the guests with its opening event full of traditional culinary delights, live music performances and dancing.

High officials from the political sector and the tourism industry addressed the audience at the opening ceremony, which took place in Room 1 of the Berlin International Congress Center.

The opening ceremony was as festive, colorful and impressive as Mexico itself.

In the lobby of the ICC Berlin Congress Center were four cultural spaces representative of Mexico, in which Mexican artists made crafts and welcomed the audience.

Mexico fascinated its guests with a dazzling entertainment program and a fascinating multimedia show that featured traditional elements with the most current ones.

The design and performing arts collaborated creating a magnificent production that combined traditional songs and Mexican folklore, with shows of contemporary dance, classical dance and audiovisual elements.

This kaleidoscope of colors, photographs and images evoked a visual journey bringing Mexico closer to life.

At the reception and Networking Event held later, a selection of culinary delights from the Partner country and a welcome cocktail by the chef Enrique Olvera enlivened the guests for hours.


A mobile structure, initially used to project audiovisual content that evokes Mexico, served moments later as a gateway to Haal 2, in which a great treat of Mexican delights made the audience enjoyable.

This year’s guest country, Mexico, has dazzled visitors at the opening ceremony on the evening before ITB Berlin. In an extraordinary presentation, the country has shown its cultural treasure, delighting the attendants with a fascinating multimedia show. Mexico has been able to wake up with its music and traditional dances, typical dishes and crafts of cheerful colors of different regions of the country, the desire to travel to this country full of contrasts. Visitors have had the opportunity to take an interactive virtual tour and take home many impressions of Mexico.

Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Minister of Tourism of Mexico: “Mexico shares its joy and satisfaction with the results of the ITB. As a guest country of this edition, it was a great opportunity to make known our country and its regions. The most important tourism platform and allows us to show a sophisticated, modern and diverse Mexico.

We have had the opportunity to offer a sample of the cultural and natural destinations of Mexico as well as our food and crafts. It was also an opportunity to share the perspective and commitment of our President Enrique Peña Nieto on tourism as the engine of growing economy and social development. We invite you to visit our growing country, always so interesting and exciting. Because to experience Mexico you have to “Live it to believe it”.


México Tourism Promotion Berlin 2016

México Tourism Promotion

Berlin was the epicenter of Mexico’s presence in Germany in the framework of the dual year.
Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu visited the German capital in preparation for the visit of the Mexican head of state.
As part of the International Tour the Interactive Pavilion “Meet Mexico”, which after visiting Madrid, Beijing, London and Paris, came to Berlin to delight visitors and show the kindness that a great country like Mexico offers its visitors .

45 Days of experience Immersive in one of the main cities of Europe, Tourists from all over the world visiting the German capital, local visitors, Berliners schools willing to enjoy a unique experience, Mexicans are excited to have a piece of their country so close, German celebrities, and everyone who wanted to get closer to the Pavilion, enjoyed a different staging, audiovisual and interactive that has brought a little Mexico closer to their hearts.

A success of assistance that has broken with all records of attendance to date and which has had a large number of illustrious visits, including the most famous VIPs on the scene in Berlin.

Promoción Turística México Paris 2015

México, le vivre pour y croire

El Consejo de Turismo de México inauguró en París una exposición interactiva, que se enmarca dentro de la visita que el presidente de ese país, Enrique Peña Nieto, tuvo a mediados de julio.

México fué el país invitado de honor que abrió el desfile militar durante las celebraciones por el Día Nacional de Francia, el 14 de julio, en la capital francesa.

Los visitantes que acudieron a la exhibición “México, le vivre pour y croire” (México, vivirlo para creerlo) pudieron descubrir elementos de la cultura mexicana como la gastronomía, la historia o la arqueología de una manera interactiva, con pantallas táctiles y simuladores virtuales, desde mañana hasta el 22 de julio.Con este despliegue expositivo, México trata de dar a conocer aún más el país a los franceses, ya que su turismo es el tercero más importante procedente de Europa, tras los de Reino Unido y España.

En palabras de Gerardo Llanes, representante de la Secretaría de Turismo, lo que más atrae a los franceses sigue siendo el clásico “sol y playa” de Cancún (Riviera Maya) aunque también una parte importante del turismo es cultural, sobre todo interesado en la historia precolonial mexicana.

En cuanto a la gastronomía, la exposición hace especial hincapié en el famoso “taco mexicano”, explicando la enorme variedad de ingredientes que contienen dependiendo de la zona geográfica.

Se trata, de esta manera, de abrir paso en Francia a la cultura gastronómica mexicana, que poco a poco va teniendo presencia a través de chefs como Ángel Vázquez o Roberto Solís, que presentarán sus creaciones también este mes en París.

El sector de la moda, tan reseñable en Francia, también va adquiriendo influencias mexicanas, según explicaron organizadores del sector dedicado a la artesanía y trajes típicos del país azteca.

Las zonas geográficas más representativas del país aparecen en la exposición a través de una pantalla virtual.

Por otra parte, los promotores quieren destacar lugares menos conocidos y fomentar las actividades deportivas como el esquí o la escalada, así como el ecoturismo.

En la muestra participan, además del Consejo de Turismo, otros organismos como la Secretaría de Economía, ProMéxico (sector de comercio) o la Industria Nacional de Autopartes (INA).



México Tourism Promotion Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid 2014

The Cibeles Palace, very close to the Puerta de Alcalá, in the heart of Madrid, was a worthy venue for the presentation of Live it to believe it, the impressive international tourist campaign that seeks to show the true face From Mexico to the rest of the world.

More than half a thousand entrepreneurs, journalists and officials from both sides come to the center.

The Mexican delegation is headed by the secretary, Claudia Ruiz Massieu, and the director of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico, Rodolfo López Negrete, who were greeted by the Mexican ambassador to Spain, Roberta Lajous Vargas, the day before. Within the group are the governors of Quintana Roo, Roberto Borge Angulo – in his capacity as president of the Tourism Commission of the Conago – and Oaxaca, Gabino Cué Monteagudo.


The launch of promotions of the main destinations in Mexico – the rivieras, Maya and Nayarita, and Mexico City, among the highlights – seek to conquer a segment of luxury tourism. The Mexican delegation also includes the director general of Fonatur, Héctor Martín Gómez Barraza; To the undersecretary of Tourism Operation, Carlos Joaquín González, and to about twenty Secretaries of Tourism and directors of convention offices and state fairs.

More than another facet, tourism promotion is the complement of Mexican diplomacy, which in the recent stage has been aligned to meet the presidential instruction to show the true face of Mexico, safe for tourists and investors throughout the city.


México Tourism Promotion Plaza de Colón, Madrid 2014

The President Enrique Peña Nieto inaugurated the pavilion Meet with Mexico, Vívelo para Creerlo, in Plaza Colón, Madrid, Spain. Accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism, he toured the facilities of the Pavilion, which will be open to the public from June 9 to 22 as part of the Tourism Promotion of Mexico.

The objective was to generate a positive perception of Mexico at the international level, positioning it as a modern, dynamic, attractive and transforming country. Likewise, to raise its visibility and knowledge in the main markets of the world, spreading its competitive advantages and its tourist and cultural attractions, in order to motivate the potential traveler to visit the country.

The Tourism Promotion, Meet with Mexico, Vívirlo para Creerlo, is an itinerant exhibition that will be presented in the priority markets for Mexico, reinforcing the guiding axes of the Country Brand, highlighting the innovation, contemporary creativity and the country’s cultural heritage.


The strength of this project is that it offers a comprehensive experience of the country, emphasizing not only tourist attractions, but also economic, infrastructure and cultural aspects, highlighting those achievements that have a positive impact.

The pavilion is housed in a pneumatic tent, Domo, of high technology of approximately 500 square meters, with capacity for 200 people in each route, which lasts 45 minutes.

From its inauguration to its closing, more than 14,000 people visited this exhibition and enjoyed the charms of Mexico


México Tourism Promotion in London 2015

México Tourism Promotion in London.

The pop-up will take the form of a stunning white dome, housed within moments of London’s iconic landmarks, situated within the city’s buzzing South Bank, alongside the River Thames.

Open for visitors of all ages, this captivating experience features state-of-the-art innovation that tell Mexico’s story, using cutting-edge modern technology.

Guests can feel the rush of riding rapids, soar over Mexico City and be transported into some of Mexico’s world famous sites and bustling cities, through interactive 360 degree tours and augmented reality.

Also featured within the dome is one of the world’s most unique pieces of art – The “Vochol” – a Volkswagen Beetle decorated with more than two million beads – a feat that took 8 artists over 9,000 hours of work to design and decorate.
Other exciting elements of the México exhibition Pavillion will include:

Interactive touch screens which display Mexican art through advanced 3D technology
A virtual dressing room, where visitors can virtually try on the latest in Mexican fashion or traditional dress
Amazing visual displays and audio storytelling, using touch screens, to explore a variety of tourism offerings: Culture, Sun and Beach, Adventure and Nature, Business and Luxury.
A virtual 360 degree tour of the country’s 32 states, that include archeological sites, bustling cities and world heritage sites, natural zones, and magical towns
A visual introduction to Mexico with a selection of more than 11 videos on a range of topics that include aerospace, automotive, creativity, sustainability, gastronomy, economy and more.
An interactive table that visually highlights Mexico’s accomplishments in agriculture, automotive, silver and creative industries, to name a few
More than 15 of Mexico’s famous pre-Hispanic artifacts on display, through the power of holographic imaging as part of the Tourism Promotion touring around the world with this interactive Pavillion.