25 Apr 2016

Sphere 360, Dubai is back

25 Apr 2016

Don’t blink, this is Sphere 360.

The ultimate cutting-edge technolohy project adquired by Dubai.

Imagine going shopping in the biggest shopping mall in the world and suddenly find a big white bowl with a mecanic footbridge. Would you go in?
This is Sphere 360, the big suspended bowl inside the biggest shopping mall in Dubai.

The public can access to the Sphere by a bridge wich will open the doors to another concept of reality. Inside, the visitors will discover Dubai with 360º pictures, without needing augmented reality glasses, just by walking on the bridge and turning their heads.

To accomplish this, it has been built a giant sphere thanks to the construction of 2 geodesic domes, and in the inside 18 projectors show a 6 minutes movie to visit Dubai.

Among the visits you can do in the Sphere the most impresive ones are the visits of Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa.

Además, Sphere 360 viene con el sello de “el city tour interactivo más grande del mundo” y es que esta ciudad cada vez cuenta con más elementos que llaman la atención de miles turistas.

Queridos viajeros, Dubai ya cuenta con otra excéntrica, pero maravillosa atracción.


Fuente: obscuradigital

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