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Virtual Reality for Events

The Virtual Reality is able to multiply the sensations experienced by attendees of an event.

vr mcb

vr mcb

VR is able to impact and make your event memorable creating a sense of realism in a virtual stage that moves the attendant to a new dimension and has now become a star element in a multitude of events.

Memories are an engagement of great weight when it comes to giving value to a brand and virtual reality can create those memories.

vr mcb

vr mcb

Maximizing the experience is a great tool for event planners who are constantly challenged to offer exciting new experiences.

Virtual Reality generate expectations, emotions and allows to connect with the public in an effective and direct way. Creating sensations and multiplying them, with this technology ensures success. It is a way to surprise and offer the public something new and unique.

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Become a superhero thanks to touch screens

Batman or Superman?


In the streets of Denmark, Australia, Israel and Letonia, among others cities, some touch screens have been set up to let you become a superhero for a moment. This is the new and original movie promotion of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice.

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